Fancy a Zoom workshop with me?

My new online courses are now live. Plus - freebies if you're out of work.

Hi there, hope your year is going well so far, all things being considered.

This is just a quick note to let you know that I’ve launched some new online Zoom-based workshops, around topics you might be interested in.

What are they?

Full-day certified courses on the big topics - content marketing, social media - plus shorter workshops on niche skills like podcasting and copywriting.

Small groups. Live & interactive. Packed with power tips & lots of time for questions.


Good question. There’s certainly no shortage of training courses online. But the vast majority of them are just not what I’d hope my employees were being sent on.

Years of feedback tells me that when people pay to sit in front of an expert, they don’t want a gazillion slides of stats and jargon. They want to see how it’s really done, by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Why me?

Well, it’s hard to say why you’re great, especially in an email no-one asked to be sent (Sorry! I try to keep these to once or twice a year). But the feedback I consistently get is that I explain complex things with clarity that people didn’t find elsewhere, and that I show real examples, explaining what did and didn't work.

Most importantly, I take the time (because I enjoy it) to listen to people’s challenges and then unpack them and address them. In fact they’re the brightest moments in my classes. If someone’s stuck for Instagram content ideas or struggling with a fruitless PPC campaign, everyone wants to hear sensible solutions to those.

Yep, yep, yep - where, what, when?

Details and tickets below. If you or your staff/colleagues would like to book just use discount code FRIENDS30 for an exclusive-to-you-guys 30% off, only available for these initial sessions while tickets last.

✍️ Copywriting for Digital Marketers
1pm to 3pm, 3rd Feb - £69 - Tickets

🎧 Podcasting: How to Plan, Produce & Promote a Show
1pm to 3pm, 17th Feb - £69 - Tickets

🐳 Social Media Marketing Certificate (7 CPD Points)
9am to 5pm, 23rd Feb - £279 (early bird) - Tickets

🌇 Content Marketing Certificate (7 CPD Points)
9am to 5pm, 4th Mar - £279 (early bird) - Tickets

💸 Social Media Advertising Certificate (7 CPD Points)
9am to 5pm, 16th Mar - £279 (early bird) - Tickets

👩‍💻 Influencer Marketing Workshop
1pm to 3pm, 18th Mar - £69 - Tickets

Out of work, or know someone who is?

I’m offering free places to those out of work. So do tell anyone you know to email me at - there’s a free spot waiting for them/you, no questions asked. I’d love to help strengthen that CV 😊

Thanks for reading this far. I hope you and your family stay safe and sane as we ride this out. Here’s to better days ahead, including one where we meet up for a pint/coffee/spa day!


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